How to Protect Your Skin Against Environmental Damage? 

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Environmental factors, such as air, light, and dust, can have a bad effect on your skin. It’s not only the UV rays that damage your skin, but it’s also a mix of other factors that causes rough, itchy, dull, discoloured, and older-ageing skin. Before you jump directly into the skincare tips, it’s vital to know about different environmental factors and how they impact your skin. Read on.

Air Pollution 

Air pollution includes all the gasses and particles that are released by human activity, such as smoking, exhaust fumes from cars, production and chemical refineries, etc. These particles are so tiny that they can travel through the atmosphere and settle in the water, coming in contact with your skin.

Though most airborne pollutants do not penetrate your skin directly, most of them damage your skin’s surface, which eventually paves the way for pollutants to enter your skin. Fine dust often gets stuck in the pores of your skin, and only cleansing your face might not suffice. You need a proper skincare routine. 

UV Rays Play a Huge Role 

UV rays are most harmful to your skin. While you might have skipped wearing sunscreen many times, it’s the worst decision you can ever take for your skin. Experts suggest that UV rays promote the growth of free radicals in the skin, which leads to DNA damage and collagen breakdown in the skin. Over time, sun exposure can lead to the formulation of non-melanoma skin cancers and also promotes early aging. It can also lead to other skin problems, such as eczema. You must heal your skin by opting for any good eczema cream and other SPF formulas suggested by a dermatologist. 

Skincare Tips to Shield Your Skin Against Environmental Damage 

  1. Use Sunscreen: This is the most crucial part when it comes to skincare. Experts suggest using SPF that contains titanium dioxide or zinc oxide; both are key ingredients that block UV rays. 
  1. Take Vitamin C and E: As per the latest research, Vitamin C, in collaboration with vitamin E, works as a great antioxidant for the skin. It neutralizes the free radicals that break down collagen and elastin in the skin. You can either use a cream with these vitamins or take vitamin C pills for effective results. 
  1. Wash Your Face Every Time You Come Home: This might sound obvious, but this is a prevalent mistake that people make. How often do you wash your face whenever you come back home? This is the part where people become lazy. You should not wait for the dust to settle in your pores to promote further damage. As soon as you come in contact with the environment, make sure to wash your face thoroughly with a cleanser. 
  1. Follow a Proper Skincare Routine: This includes everything. If you want your skin to glow throughout the day, you will have to follow a proper skincare routine. It includes all the things from using an SPF when going out in the sun, using a moisturizer before applying makeup, washing your face before bed followed by the use of a night cream, and so much more. 

Now that you know the skincare tips to protect your skin from environmental factors, keep these in mind and follow the tips with all your heart. After all, you don’t get glowy and healthy skin just like that! 


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