What To Consider As A Newbie Rider Shopping For Mountain Biking Shorts 

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If you’re just starting a mountain biking journey, you will need some guidance on where to start, particularly when it comes to what to wear. That does have a bearing on the overall riding experience.  

A primary investment will go into biking shorts since these contribute to comfortability and have the potential to slow you down if you aren’t sure which are most suitable. For a serious rider, pockets are often necessary, as is adequate padding, but what about the fit? 

Should the shorts fit like a glove, or are these meant to be baggy? Before comparing mountain biking shorts, it’s essential to decide what sort of riding you’ll be doing, if speed will be an issue, whether you’ll take part in racing competitions or marathons, or if this will be a hobby for sheer enjoyment. 

Let’s consider some factors to help you become more informed, allowing for more educated decision-making. 

What Factors To Consider When Comparing Mountain Biking Shorts 

A primary consideration when comparing mountain biking shorts is comfortability, especially for those riding for extended periods. The choice for fit with these shorts is often a little bit baggier with a longer length and plenty of padding in the rear. 

Usually, there’s a lining with the baggy fit to prevent chafing and supplies some added padding. The longer length helps to protect the rider from flying debris, the sun’s harsh rays, and wind. Go to https://pedalchile.com/blog/mtb-shorts for guidance on adding extra garments with shorts.  

Let’s look more closely at what you should consider when comparing shorts as someone new to riding. 

  • What’s your preferred terrain 

When comparing varied possibilities, the terrain you’ll be riding on will have a bearing on the sort of shorts you choose. Many mountain bike riders decide to take to off-road trails, the bumpy, rough, natural pathways with hills and valleys that bring unpredictable twists and turns. 

That means you need extra padding for protection as you bounce up and down on the saddle.  

It’s also important to consider whether you’ll take a break to venture around the local area. You might want to stop in for a quick bite, meaning you’ll want your shorts presentable for the restaurant atmosphere. 

  • The fit is unique from standard shorts 

Mountain bike shorts are unique from regular shorts because they offer added padding in the rear to accommodate an extended ride time. In that same vein, the shorts need to be somewhat snug, but these will have a more conventional casual appearance than a skin-tight Lycra look. 

When comparing choices, trying the different pairs to see which offers the most comfort is important. Also, read reviews on the varied brands to learn about other riders’ experiences.  

Remember, padding will be a significant consideration if you’re new to riding, especially in the seating and crotch. Extended riding on any terrain, including flat surfaces, will be challenging without this cushioning. If you want baggy shorts for a casual look, you can wear padded, snug shorts under these. 

  • The lining is an important part to pay attention to 

When shopping for mounting biking shorts, pay attention to the lining since this will serve as added padding plus protect from chafing. The baggier mountain biking shorts will be lined with light padding. 

  • The length depends on your preference 

While you decide on a length that makes you comfortable, avoiding having your skin touching the saddle is a priority. You’ll also want to consider, again, where you’ll be riding. Riding on rough terrain can mean flying debris, stones, twigs, and other bits. 

A longer length will help to protect your legs from injuries and also keep the wind and sun at bay.


  • Material, style, and other details will again depend on your personal preferences 

These bottoms mean to serve as underwear. If you were to add another undergarment, it would decrease this material’s breathability. 

For extra protection from the outdoor conditions, the baggier choice gives a thick fabric, or you can opt for extra breathability with spandex or Lycra if that’s your preference.  

Go here for details on why some riders prefer the extra comfort of wearing baggier, long mountain biking shorts. 

When in a seated, often bumpy, riding position for an extended period, the clothing can pinch if the waist offers a thick banding. Instead, elastic makes a more comfortable choice, or bibs eliminate the issue entirely. 

Some riders prefer a lot of pockets which are possible with a cargo style. These allow for carrying personal effects while riding. Form-fitted material often doesn’t come with pockets, meaning you’ll need a backpack or other bag for your items. 

Final Thoughts

Now you have a general idea of what to look for when comparing mountain biking shorts so you can begin your riding journey. For those who need help deciding, associates specialising in mountain biking gear can answer any questions or address concerns to make comparing options easier.


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