Ways to Make Your Lips Look Naturally Bigger And Better

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pexels
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pexels

We’ve all been there: you walk out in front of the mirror after a long day and your lips look like two little specks on your face. 

It is not easy to get a plump and voluptuous pout, but it can surely be done with the right makeup hacks and health tips. Here are some tips to make your lips appear big and healthy in a natural way:

Focus On Your Nutrition

The importance of diet is often overlooked, but it plays a significant role in how your face looks. By eating the right foods, you can give your skin and lips a healthy glow without having to indulge in expensive procedures. 

By boosting the antioxidants and vitamins in your food, you can help reduce the signs of aging that are common among people with thin lips and aging skin. Health issues can also impact lips, and this tip can help reduce such damage, as medical practitioners, clinical studies, and insights on lip augmentation by Dr. Andrew Jacono mention.


Dehydrated lips are not only painful, but they also look small and wrinkled. If you want to get rid of this problem, make sure you drink lots of water throughout the day. You can do a few things to hydrate your lips and make them look fuller.

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Apply a lip balm or lipstick before the application of any other makeup
  3. Apply lip gloss after the application of any different makeup


If you’re looking for a quick way to make your lips look bigger, try exfoliating them. It’s a simple, fast, and easy process that will make them look plump and healthy.

Exfoliate your lips to make them look bigger and better:

  1. Moisturize the skin around your lips with a moisturizer or lip balm that contains shea butter or jojoba oil.
  2. Apply an exfoliator on the lips in circular motions and gently scrub until it starts to turn into a milky white paste-like substance.
  3. Rinse off the product with warm water, then pat dry with a towel to remove any excess moisture from the surface of your lips.

Use Good Quality Makeup With Natural Ingredients

Here are some makeup tips that can help your lips look fuller and so much better:

Use Lip Balm Before Going Out

Lip balm is an essential beauty product that can be used to enhance your natural lip volume and color, but if you’re going out, try to put lip balm on before leaving the house. This will ensure your lips stay moisturized and look fuller all day long. 

Apply Lip Stain Before Going Out

Lip stains are an easy way to make your lips look great. Anyone can use these lipsticks, regardless of their skin tone or lip color. They can be applied using a brush, a sponge, or even your finger. You can find many different shades at any local beauty store or online and use those shades to create new looks for your lips.

Apply Lip Liner First Then Apply Lipstick

If you want to flaunt fuller, bigger, and more attractive lips, here are some quick tips on applying lip liner first and then applying lipstick.:

  1. Apply lip liner in the center of your upper lip, following the contour of your natural lip line.
  2. Apply lipstick on the outer edges of your upper lip, following the contour of your natural lip line and creating a “V” shape with your lips after applying lipstick
  3. Blend well with a clean finger or brush

Apply A Bold Lip Color On Top Of A Natural One

You can use a matte lip color on top of your natural lips by lining and filling in your lips with a darker shade, then painting the outer edges with a lighter shade. Most women use bolder lip colors on top of natural ones to make their lips look more prominent, and it can also help hide the effects of lip discoloration.

Wrap Up

Lips are never the same size or shape, and they can be tricky to work with. Having plump lips for an “Instagram face” that resembles celebrities like Kylie Jenner has become the beauty look du jour, and you can do it too. 

With the tips mentioned above, you can glam your lip quotient and slay like you always wanted.


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