6 Questions You Should Always Remember To Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

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It wouldn’t be the worst idea if you take along a questionnaire with yourself to your plastic surgeon. After all, this could be one of the most important and life-altering decisions that you make. If you are not certain about the procedure and its effects on your personality and life, you shouldn’t go forward with it at all. Remember to ask your surgeon the following questions before you agree to go under the knife:

Can I Have A Look At Your Board Certifications?

You may ask this question without any hesitation. A board-certified plastic surgeon will most likely have his certifications up on display on his wall for everyone to see. The American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, for instance, is a highly recognised body. To have their certification is a big deal and if you are looking for the same, you are on the right track. 

How Many Times Have You Performed This Procedure On People Of My Age?

It is important for you to find out whether the surgeon that you have associated with is capable of performing the nose job that you are looking for or not. If they have performed relevant and similar surgeries in the past on similar patients, they must be on the top of your list. If you cannot find a surgeon with relevant experience, keep looking. 

Are You Going To Perform This Procedure In A Hospital Or A Clinic?

There is very little risk attached to any plastic surgery procedure even if it is being performed outside of a hospital. If you visit plastic surgeon, Dr. Shermak, he will make sure that you get all the privileges and services that are required to make this procedure a success. You will have specialists to administer and monitor your condition and the impact of your surgery throughout the procedure. Your safety is what you should be concerned about the most and choosing a dependable specialist is a way to go about it.

Are There Any Risks Attached To This Surgery?

Any plastic surgery is going to have some amount of risks attached to it. It is upon the plastic surgeon and his ability to minimize those risks efficiently. You may feel a little discomfort after your surgery and also experience swelling, bruising, and a little bit of bleeding but these complications are very common with every plastic surgery patient. The point is that the surgeon should inform you about them before you are taken to the operation theater. 

What Is The Complication Rate Of This Procedure?

There is a strict doctor and patient confidentiality clause in place but if the surgery you demand has resulted in any complications in the past, the surgeon should be more than willing to disclose any such facts. 

Can I Get The Contact Details Of Any Patients Who Have Had The Same Procedure Before Me?

In the end, it is always a wise decision to ask for the details of people who have had a similar surgery before you. You should be able to find references that are not only reliable but also help you decide whether you will benefit from this particular surgery or not. 

Remember; do not agree to go for any plastic surgery procedure before asking your surgeon these questions.


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