Breast augmentation; Silicone vs Saline

Breast Augmentation
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Many women are blessed with great figures and amazing-looking breasts. Sadly, this is not the case for all women. You might have smaller or uneven breasts, they might even be saggy. This can make your self-confidence go down quite a lot and can have an adverse effect on your mental health. If you have finally taken the decision to go for breast augmentation, there are a few important things you need to know. Silicone or saline? That is the question on every woman’s mind even before they go in for a consultation. Both of these are FDA-approved which makes it even tougher to choose between both of them. 

Saline implants

Saline has been used for implants as early as the 1960s. These implants will have an outer shell made of silicone that will be inserted empty inside the breast. This will then be filled with sterile saltwater. This means that the incision will be smaller and you will have a smaller scar that will be less noticeable. These are also a little cheaper than silicone implants. 

A major drawback of choosing saline is that it can be seen under the skin and you can even feel water sloshing inside your breasts. It can easily wrinkle up inside and feel quite unnatural.

Silicone implants

These are completely made out of silicone, but this synthetic material feels really similar to human fat. This will require a bigger incision since they are already filled up before. These feel more cohesive and firmer than saline implants and last longer, which is why they are more expensive. This will have silicone filling inside a silicone case. A ton of women that have gotten breast augmentation by Dr. Soumo Banerji preferred using silicone implants because of their long life. These come in quite a few sizes and shapes and feel more natural. 


Both of these pose a risk of rupturing, and can have different effects on your body;


  • Your breast might look deflated if the implant is ruptured.
  • The saline is sterilised before it is inserted into the body and will most likely be reabsorbed by the body.
  • Surgery is still important to remove the silicone shell, you can get new implants during this surgery as well.


  • These ruptures are hard to detect since the silicone can get trapped.
  • This can be called a silent leak since you will only notice a slight change.
  • This can cause breast pain and illness if it goes undetected.
  • Surgery is vital to remove the ruptured implants. 


Breast implants are quite expensive as it is and can cost you somewhere around $12,000. Silicone implants will cost you about $1,000 more than saline implants. You will also need a few follow-up MRIs every few years to make sure that the implants are not ruptured. It is important to discuss your options with a board-certified surgeon so that you know you are making an informed choice.

Getting implants is quite a big decision. Make sure you have all the information you need so that you are not overwhelmed. 

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