How To Eat More Healthily With A Sweet Tooth

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood:
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood:

The dieting and weight loss effort can be rather tiresome for those who have a sweet tooth to satiate, because many sweets, desserts and indulgences often have high sugar and caloric contents. Of course, you do have the chance to opt for alternatives – for instance using sweeteners in your coffee instead of outright sugar can be a healthier choice, and help you enjoy a similar result.

Eating more healthily with a sweet tooth, however, also means not completely robbing yourself of the indulgences you enjoy. After all, there’s no shame in enjoying a dessert in moderation, or not restricting yourself when celebrating special events with your close friends.

The question remains – how can you add a sustainable approach towards your healthy-eating regimen without feeling completely unable to enjoy anything? Sure, healthy foods can taste nice, but someitmes you wish to cap off a meal with a nice indulgence. In this post, we’ll discuss some helpful tips to get you started, and from there you should hve no problem developing your own approach:

Make Use Of Fruit In Your Cooking

Fruit is and has always been the original sweetener, because of the natural sugars provided. Sure, this adds up to your overall sugar tally, but it’s much better than artificial sugars or refined sugars implemented in every dish you make. Berries, larger fruits, or even juices such as that from coconut can be wonderful to cook with, adding a real light flavor profile worth appreciating. On top of this, you’re not just limited to eating fruit, as this lemon cookies recipe anyone can make will prove. Deliciously getting the best out of a given fruit can make even simple recipes shine – while also remaining much healthier for you.

Healthy Fruit Juices

Fruit juices can also provide that simple after-dinner refreshment, helping you skip the dessert if you’re really trying to cut down on your calories, while also adding a delicious sweet snack to fresh your palate. For instance, a smoothie featuring bananas, strawberries and more can be delicious, while implementing non-alcoholic blended watermelon in a pitcher can also taste inspired. This way, you can also share the health of fruit with everyone in your family, as a quick, easy-to-enjoy post-dinner treat. 

Embrace Darker Chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, is better for your heart health, and has a much-reduced sugar content compared to milk chocolate counterparts. For this reason, incorporating that darker taste into your desserts can not only add a concentrated chocolate flavor, but it’s much healthier for you too. This is a perfect example of how even slight alterations can help you eat healthy, without having to completely eschew the indulgences that you enjoy in moderation. Moreover, there are many forms of dark chocolate, some even flavored in particular ways, allowing you the same versatility in your baking that you’ve come to appreciate.

With this advice, you’re sure to eat more healthily with a sweet tooth, never feeling as though you have to apologize for having good taste.


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