What Tools Are Required For Hairline Tattooing?

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Hair loss is more common than ever, and men and women of all age groups struggle with it. Even worse, the best products and hair care regimens seldom help. Fortunately, you can seek respite with hair tattooing. The novel procedure creates an illusion of a fuller hairline by tattooing layered dots with pigment among your existing hair. The pigment blends naturally with your scalp and gives it a natural appearance. You can depend on a skilled scalp micropigmentation professional to provide a perfect job. But you must know the tools they use during the procedure to get a fair idea and expectations. Here is a list of tools used for the treatment. 

Scalp micropigmentation pigment

The procedure requires specialized pigment designed for the scalp. Since the ink goes into your skin, it has to be made with high-quality, natural ingredients. Organic variants are the best because they work even for the most sensitive skin types. The professional will also find the perfect shade that matches your eyebrows and skin so that the final outcome appears natural. 

Scalp micropigmentation pen

You can expect to see the practitioner using a lightweight pen machine to perform the procedure. They prefer stable and efficient ones, while lightweight makes the pen easy to handle and delivers precise pigment implantation. Some pens come with interchangeable strokes that work for different pigmentation styles. An expert decides the right one for your needs. 

Treatment chairs

The procedure can make you uncomfortable, but the best providers do their best to make it a pleasant experience. They have special treatment chairs which make it easy for the hairline tattoo specialist to work on your scalp. At the same time, these chairs are designed to help you relax through the procedure. The more relaxed you are, the less is the possibility of pain and uneasiness.

Power supply

While the power supply does not exactly sound like a tool, it is crucial to control the speed and voltage of the needle on the scalp. It also ensures accuracy and precision every time the needle works on the skin. Unless the practitioner has an adequate power supply, they cannot drive the needle through the epidermis. It can lead to unfavorable results after the session. 

Barrier film and cord strip covers 

Besides the tools required for the actual procedure, the professional needs some equipment for ensuring proper safety parameters. Barrier films and floor strips curb the risk of tripping and falling for both clients and practitioners. They can walk around on high-quality strips without compromising function.

Medical grade wipes and gloves

Apart from physical safety, protection from germs and bacteria is a concern for practitioners. It becomes even more crucial in pandemic times when skin and hair clinics need to go the extra mile with hygiene and safety. Medical grade sanitizing wipes and gloves figure in the checklist of tools. You can double-check with the practitioner to ensure that these tools are medical-grade, not regular ones. 

As a vigilant client, you must ensure that the tattoo professional has the best tools and equipment for the procedure. You can ask to have a look at them before going ahead. After all, you deserve the best when you pay for a service. 


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