Beauty and Confidence; Ways of Instilling Self-esteem in Yourself

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One of the most important and attractive qualities a person can have is to have good self-esteem and confidence in themselves. There are a lot of studies that show how self-confidence can greatly improve you, get more dates, get higher grades, and even get a job. It is a lot easier said than done. 

There are only a few people that are blessed with the confidence to feel good about themselves most of the time. This can take a lot of work for many people. The main thing to do is to fake it till you actually make it. Self-confidence is not only about being social with people but about being at ease with yourself to a point where it shows in front of other people. Do not mistake it with overconfidence, which can cause a lot of failure and challenges in your life.

 If you are naturally self-critical, it can take you some time to change your perspective. But you need to believe in yourself and your abilities. This helps guide you on your natural path in life, without worrying or fearing what other people have to say. There are a few ways through which you can trick yourself into feeling more self-confident. 

Think about the days you felt more confident

We all have a few moments where we tend to feel bad about ourselves. These are days where we are more prone to self-criticizing. Just like this, we also have moments where we can all look into the mirror and feel good about ourselves. These days where we feel more confident must be remembered and cherished so that you can count on them on the days you feel low. 

Feel that energy again and channel it again. Ask yourself how you would be acting if you were feeling great? Try to get your perspective back to that day and get yourself into that mindset again. Even faking it to yourself for a bit will help you get back to that.

Make your posture better

There is a wildly popular Ted Talk given by Amy Cuddly in 2012. This talk explains the use of power poses and how your posture has the ability to increase your self-confidence. If you tend to slump a lot, it can make you feel sad. Sitting up straight, holding your head up high can actually make you feel more powerful and confident immediately. Positioning your body can help trick your mind into feeling better and holding the emotion that you would feel when you hold such powerful poses. You can try correcting your posture the next time you feel down.

Repeat a positive affirmation in your head

The best idea to make you feel more confident is to keep a positive affirmation in the back of your head. You can keep this in your arsenal and pull it out when you need this the most. Think of something unique that works most for you in an area that you feel is quite problematic in your life. Repeating such small mantras and affirmations in your head can help you feel better and more confident about yourself. 

Keep up with your personal care

Sometimes, on the days we feel the worst about ourselves, our body reflects it. Roaming around with unkempt hair, not dressing up, and not taking a shower. It is vital that you keep up with your personal care in order to better your self-esteem. Even just skin care can help you boost your confidence quite a lot. Or, you might wish to consider getting breast augmentation surgery to enhance your look and feel more you. Whatever it takes, ensure to take good care of your body to feel like your best self.

For the days you feel low, dress yourself up, call a few of your friends and go out, when you feel confident about how you look, it also radiates within you. Taking care of your body and eating healthy can also instill huge levels of confidence within you for a longer period of time. Personal hygiene tasks are quite important to make you feel good about yourself. Small things such as styling your hair can make you feel nice.

Change your perception of yourself

The main and deep-rooted reason why people do not feel confident about themselves is that we do not let ourselves feel confident. We make our own barriers by bringing up this negative notion about ourselves that highly affects our self-esteem. We are, after all, our own worst critics. 

We actually say a lot of things to ourselves in our heads that we would not say to anyone else. Not talking about yourself negatively can give you a boost in confidence, since that negative voice in your head shuts down. Do something good to counteract whenever you think something bad about yourself.

Accept criticism without thinking too much about it

Most of our confidence issues tend to come from within. But it is true that on some days, our low self-confidence can arise out of criticism coming from others. During such times, it is important to remember that other people should not affect how you feel about yourself. Other people’s treatment of you should not bring you down all the time. Learn to accept that criticism sucks, but it is a part of life and you need to move past it. It is okay for you to be sad, but acknowledge the feeling, do not hold on to it. 

Practice deep breathing

Just how adjusting your posture can help you change your attitude, specific breathing techniques can also help boost your confidence. You can try meditation and deep breathing in order to help you calm yourself down. Often, when we are anxious we tend to doubt ourselves and as a result, lower our self-esteem. There are certain nerve-wracking situations in which these deep breathing techniques can be of great help. The best question to ask yourself during such situations is how you would breathe when you are more confident. Is it shallow and inconsistent or is it deep and confident?

Feeling confident about yourself takes a lot of practice. There are a lot of things you need to incorporate in your daily life in order to improve your self-esteem and be a better version of yourself. 



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