5 Tips to Preventing Hair Loss

Top 5 Ways of Preventing Hair Loss

5 Tips to Preventing Hair Loss

5 Tips to Preventing Hair Loss

Hair loss affects men and women worldwide. About 1/3 of the world’s population commonly experience loss of hair. In fact, each person loses about one hundred strands of hair every single day. Losing hair is a phenomenon process that occurs naturally. Therefore, losing a few hair follicles every day is nothing to worry about.

However, mineral deficiency, diet, stress, medication, genetics and pollution can also cause hair loss. Hats, caps and helmets also tend to lead to loss of hair in men. Hair styling techniques can also cause hair to fall. Thinning hair is a cosmetic problem, but not an indication of poor health.

Even so, certain health condition can also cause people to lose hair. As women age, they also tend to lose more hair strands than normal. Here are 5 tips to help you prevent hair loss:

1. Stop Using Hair Tools Generating High Heat

High heat can be harsh on your hair. It fractures bonds in hair strands, making your hair brittle and thus vulnerable to breaking and falling. If you must use a curling iron or hair straightener, don’t use it in one place for more than 10 seconds.

Keep moving it around. Sizzling sound is an indication that the hair tool is too hot and can burn your hair. Use heat-protecting hair sprays when using hair tools. However, let your hair dry naturally as often as you can to prevent hair loss. Toppers are also a great solution for thinning hair.

2.Eat Foods Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals such as zinc, iron and vitamin B12. The nutrients can revitalize your thinning hair, adding it volume. Add nuts, leafy greens, fish, beans and lean meats to your diet. If you’re not able to eat the foods, opt for dietary supplements.

3.Avoid Hairstyles that Tighten the Hairline

Cornrows, tight ponytails, and braids, among other hairstyles easily tighten and pull on the hairline, causing hair loss. The tight hair styles put stress on the hairline and pull on the delicate hairs, leading to hair thinning and thus loss.

Avoid metallic hair bands when holding up your hair in a ponytail. Instead, use elastic bands to prevent loss of your hair. Elastics neither tangle your hair nor pull it out when undoing your ponytail.

4.Avoid Chemical Hair Treatments/Processing

Just like heat, chemical processing treatment are harmful to your hair. Bleaching, hair straightening using chemicals and lightening hair services often offered in salons weakens hair and damages hair shafts, causing loss of hair.

If you’re already experiencing hair thinning or loss, keep your hairstyle and color as natural as you can to prevent further hair loss. Treat your hair with deep-conditioning treatments at least once every week if you often subject your hair to chemical processing.

5.Use Hair Products for Hair Growth Restoration

Hair products for repairing thin, damaged hair, and restoring growth are readily available on the market. Many hair loss shampoos, for instance, are rich in natural minerals and oils to support hair growth and kill bacteria responsible for hair breakage and fall. The products also promote increased blood flow to the scalp to promote hair growth.

Whether you’re already experiencing hair loss or not, these tips can help you regain your lost hair and hairline. They can help you nurture healthy-looking hair with good volume and thick hair strands.

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  1. Zala Hair March 22, 2022 / 6:05 am

    Great tips Gita! Avoiding chemical hair treatments and maintaining a rich diet on a consistent basis is the key to prevent hair loss and maintain healthy hair! Thanks for sharing these tips!

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