Top 5 Superfoods that Help You Lose Fat

Top 5 Superfoods that Help You Lose Fat
Top 5 Superfoods that Help You Lose Fat

One effective way to lose fat is to boost your metabolic rate. Good thing some superfoods have shown to increase metabolism and promote fat loss. These natural superfoods have been around since ancient times and have proven again and again to be useful when it comes to weight loss. They contain high levels of nutrients, can control hunger pangs, and protect you from various illnesses. Here are Top 5 Superfoods that Help You Lose Fat:

Dark Leafy Greens

They are not just low in calories, but they are naturally high in fiber and low in carbs. Leafy greens are one of the best filling foods for people who like to shed some extra weight. It is slower to digest, making you feel fuller for a more extended period – this is because of its high-fiber content. Eating more of these greens will help you eat smaller amounts of other foods, which means you intake lower calories.

Dark leafy greens also contain nitrites which are linked to browning fat cells. This means fat-storing white cells are converted to fat-burning brown cells, which leads to extra fat burning.

Lean Meat

Lean meats from various animals, but most especially beef and chicken breast, are great sources of Protein. This nutrient is essential in the weight loss world as it provides satiety. Meat will keep you feeling full and satisfied longer compared to fats and carbohydrates.  Protein helps control your hunger and how fast your stomach empties. It contains a high thermal effect of food (TEF) which means it burns calories during digestion.

Protein is also responsible for building muscles, and in turn, muscles help burn more calories. This simply means the more muscle tissue you have, the faster your body is able to burn calories – even while you’re sleeping.

Steer clear of processed meats such as hot dogs, cured meat, ham, canned meat, and such. These meats are unhealthy and linked with various harmful effects on health because of all the chemical compounds they contain. Opt for unprocessed lean meats for a healthy way to increase your protein intake.

Whole Grains

Instead of eating refined carbohydrates, it is better to opt for whole grains if you want to lose some weight. Whole grains are loaded with fiber which will keep you feeling full longer. Since humans don’t have the enzymes that can breakdown fiber, whole grain foods only move through the digestive tract undigested – this is what keeps you feeling full.

The fiber contained in whole grains also causes a slower rise in blood sugar which limits your sugar cravings. Some good sources of whole grains are brown rice, oatmeal, barley, and quinoa.


Top 5 Superfoods that Help You Lose Fat
Top 5 Superfoods that Help You Lose Fat

If your goal is to lose weight, you are required to keep off from various snacks and sweets. Good thing nature has its own ready-made snacks, fruits! They are packed with fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients that are crucial for good health. Fruits are an excellent alternative for unwanted cravings because they are naturally refreshing, delicious, and contain natural sugars.

Fruits that can help you shed some extra pounds are berries, watermelons, apples, grapefruits, bananas, and fruits high in Vitamin C. Citrus fruits help slow down cortisol production. Cortisol is a stress-related hormone that plays a big role in growing your belly fat.

It is best to consume whole fruits compared to juicing them. Juicing extracts fiber from the fruit which is an important component that helps in weight loss.

Healthy Fats

Healthy and quality fats are essential for your immune system, nervous system, and hormones. People who want to lose some weight tend to be afraid of consuming fats. When in fact, healthy fats can boost weight loss.

Foods high in healthy fats can keep you full longer which means you’ll be having smaller meals throughout the day. It provides satiety which also keeps you satisfied and controls your cravings. Some great sources of healthy fats that help shed the extra pounds are olives, avocados, and nuts.

Cold-water fatty fish such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel are also excellent sources of healthy fats. They contain omega-3 fatty acids that help promote weight loss. Fatty fish is also high in protein which ultimately helps boost your metabolic rate and keeps you feeling full longer.

Bottom line

If you want to lose unwanted fats effectively, you need to take control of your diet. Opt for these superfoods listed above and consistently incorporate them in your diet. Whether you want to maintain your figure now or are still taking the challenge to lose more weight, these foods will benefit you.

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