Beauty Tips To Make Your Nose Make The Best Facial Feature

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Everyone feels a bit intimidated and insecure about their appearance and body parts. Some want bigger eyes, while some wish for plumped lips. But you’ll be surprised to know that a huge amount of the US population isn’t happy with their noses. 

It is needless to say that it is the shape of your nose that determines the profile of your face. 

People are still feeling swooned over Cleopatra’s legendary beauty that was applauded by a perfect nose. 

Thus, if your prominent nose is an unwanted feature that doesn’t let you admire your beauty, this article is just the right thing you need. 

Here we have mentioned some of the beauty tips that can help you streamline and make your nose look smaller. Keep scrolling through the article to know more about them. 

Cosmetic Treatments

If you are looking for a long-term solution for your nose, then going to cosmetic treatment is your go-to solution. 

With the help of rhinoplasty by Dr. Michael Eisemann, which is also commonly known as a nose job, you can change the shape of your nose right away. The treatment is actually a lot more common than you might think. 

You’ll be surprised to know that more than 200,000 of these surgeries are performed every year in the USA. 

All you need to do is consult a licensed cosmetic surgeon and discuss your options with them. The surgeon will then use advanced techniques to reconstruct your nose and transform it into one of your best facial features. 

PS: Make sure you stick to the follow-up care after your surgery. It would be best to stay put with your appointments and follow the doctor’s instructions carefully. This will help you speed up the recovery process. 

Get hold of some makeup hacks

Although makeup hacks are not as reliable and long-lasting as rhinoplasty, you can still use them to create an illusion of a smaller nose.

This means that you would need to try your hands on nose contouring. For this, you can check some of the YouTube tutorials and explore various methods to master nose contouring

All you need to have for this is a bronzer which is two shades darker than your skin tone. Use it to outline your nose on both sides. Make sure you are using a matte bronzer for this. 

After this, you’ll need a highlighter to trace the narrow outline of your nose. This will help in bringing attention to it. In the end, use a beauty blender and play up the shadows. You might need a lot of time to master the trick, but you would definitely love the results once you are done. 

To sum it all up, 

Apart from this, you can also try your hands on some nose exercises. But before you rely on that, you should know that there is no scientific evidence that it can reshape your nose. 

Thus, it would be best to opt for one of the beauty tips mentioned above and make your nose the best facial feature. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see how confident you feel while taking pictures. 


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