How microneedling can benefit your skin

How microneedling can benefit your skin
How microneedling can benefit your skin

One of the most well-known and effective skin treatments available today is microneedling. This treatment is loved by celebrities and the general public alike for its versatility and the benefits it offers your skin. While those who have experienced microneedling treatment sessions before will understand how it works and what the benefits can be, despite its popularity many of you may be unaware of exactly what happens. 

To help with this, we have partnered with Aesthetics Lab, an award-winning and highly respected cosmetic clinic based in London to shed some light on microneedling and how it can benefit your skin. 

How it works

Microneedling is a treatment that has been around since the end of the 20th century, but many trace its roots even further back than that. Back in 1905 Ernst Kromayer, a German dermatologist who treated his patient’s scars, hyperpigmentation, and even birthmarks with a form of microneedling. Some, however, believe the origins of microneedling go even further back to the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture. 

The science behind the treatment is that by using tiny needles to creature punctures in the skin, the body is stimulated to start its natural healing process in that area. Along with the healing process, your body also produces more collagen and elastin which helps to heal your skin while also giving it a plump and firm appearance. 

How it can benefit your skin

One of the great benefits of microneedling is its versatility. This is a treatment that can be used to treat a variety of different concerns you may have with your skin. One of the most popular uses for microneedling is to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. As we age our natural collagen production reduces, which plays a part in lines and wrinkles becoming visible. Thanks to the collagen that is produced in your skin following a microneedling treatment, areas of your skin that may have wrinkles or lines on them can be smoothed out. While signs of ageing are a natural part of life, they can significantly impact our confidence. A treatment like microneedling can therefore help reduce the visibility of these signs of ageing and help you feel your best. 

Because microneedling is a safe and well-established treatment it is offered by many professional clinics. When carried out by trained professionals this treatment can be used on various parts of your body to treat areas of concern for you. For some, this may be scarring from an operation many years ago or even stretch marks following the birth of a child. Just as with wrinkles and lines, these can be detrimental to our self-confidence and results have shown that microneedling can help treat and reduce the visibility of scars.  

It’s a quick and easy treatment

As many of us live busy lives with little time away from work and family life the thought of taking hours out of our day to have a treatment like microneedling done isn’t something many of us can contemplate. Happily, with microneedling, you don’t need to think like this! Treatment times can vary depending on the area and patient, but for many, the average treatment time is just one hour. Furthermore, to get the best results several treatment sessions may be required but this could be as few as just three sessions. 

While this treatment obviously involves tiny punctures being made in your skin, this treatment is nowhere near as invasive as procedures like facelifts which also aim to smooth skin and reduce wrinkles. This also means that the recovery time is much shorter, typically just one or two hours and you can still go about your day but it’s best to avoid direct sunlight and applying makeup in the 24 hours after a treatment. You can start to see results in one or two weeks after a treatment session and results can last up to six months!

Microneedling is a fantastic treatment that can help a wide variety of people, both men and women, deal with multiple different skin concerns. To understand if this is the right treatment option for you it’s important to speak with an experienced clinic that offers microneedling. They should go through your medical history and you will have the opportunity to ask them any questions about the treatment and what to expect. If you’re interested in microneedling in London then why not get in touch with Aesthetics Lab and organise a complimentary consultation to talk about it with them. Thanks again to Aesthetics Lab for helping put this article together and highlighting the key points to understand about this fantastic treatment. 



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