Top 7 Tips To Choose The Most Comfortable Shoes

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A gorgeous pair of shoes is exactly what you need to complete your look of the day. But what happens when the same pair is also immensely uncomfortable, and all you want is to free your feet from them? Buying the wrong pair of shoes not only puts your feet in a world of pain but also brings other issues with it. Wear such a pair constantly, and you will soon be worrying about your calf muscles and back pain. 

But buying the right pair of shoes is easier than you think. You will only need to know how to choose the one that ticks all the boxes of comfort and style. And here’s giving you some direction in this regard! 

Buy shoes at the end of the day

You should shop for shoes at the end of the day as during that time your feet will probably be more swollen from daily activities. When you are shopping at the end of the day, you’ll get a fair idea of how the shoes will fit you at any time of the day. It would be a mistake to try shoes in the morning and regret it later when they feel too tight as your feet start getting swollen. So, go shoe shopping and take measurements of your feet when you are done with your day’s work. 

Choose the right fit and size for the shoes.

Everyone knows that different shoe companies have different sizes. Keeping that in mind, unless you have already bought from this company, you always need to try the women’s shoes first to know if it’s your size and has the right fit. 

Also, you should properly measure your feet while buying shoes as simply a couple of extra kilos can alter your shoe size. They need to fit snugly and keep your feet firmly in place. Shoes that are loose can make your feet slide up and down and make you unable to keep the balance. It can also lead to injuries like blisters, ripped toenails, and bleeding.

Look for shoes with enough space for the toes.

Cramped shoes and toes that aren’t wide enough will leave you in a world of pain. When you constantly wear shoes that do not have enough space for the toes, your chances of developing hammertoes, arthritis, bunions, and corn. Moreover, steer clear of the toe boxes that squeeze your toes.

Pointy, narrow shoes can be extremely painful for the feet. After all, a pointed shoe gets narrow after the toe box to bring an illusion of length while giving ample space to the feet.

  • Almond toes and round toes offer more space than the conventional pointy toes.
  • Pointy toes with a slightly rounded almond shape offer more space than the classic wedge-shaped pointy toes. 
  • Deeper toe boxes offer more space overall than the shallower ones. Pointy toes with the deep toe boxes will end up pinching less than the round toes that have really shallow toe-boxes.

Try the shoes and walk around a bit in them.

Put on your shoes to get an idea of how they feel. If they are too loose, uncomfortable, or tight in any way, they will probably not get any easier over time. For instance, in case the back of the shoe keeps rubbing your heel after wearing it in real life. Also, it helps if you try to walk on different surfaces wearing them. You are walking on the carpets and on harder surfaces to know what you can expect in real life.

Do not take your shoes out before practicing at home

You can try to walk with your new shoes at home. Also, you always have the option to return them if you haven’t worn them outside. So, after you get back from work, put on those pretty shoes for a few hours and test them out. However, remember a few things:

  • The shoes will make your steps comparatively shorter, and that is normal. The higher the shoes, the shorter steps are. You will not stride the same way in shoes as you do in sneakers.
  • Keep the shoes vertical at the time of walking. Make sure they do not roll to the side because it will make the shoes slip, and you will fall.

If they still feel equally comfortable, call up your girlfriends and plan a night out in those gorgeous shoes. 

The thickness of the sole and the cushioning

Wearing shoes will put more pressure right on the balls of your feet. So, it is better to go for shoes with enough padding and cushioning in that area because it will make your feet happy as you move around in shoes. 

Shoes with nice cushioning and quality padding will offer you more comfort and better support, and you can wear them on every occasion, even on a regular basis.

Go for shoes in suede and synthetic leather.

Shoes made of synthetic leather are more affordable and cheaper and come with a host of other advantages. If you invest in high-quality shoes, your feet will be thankful to you in the long run. Shoes made from a combination of synthetic materials are more supple and adjust easily to the shape of your feet. It will also ensure that your feet do not chafe easily. 

To understand the quality of the footwear, check the insides of the shoes. If you find manmade materials or manmade upper written in there, the shoes are made from synthetic material. If it says suede upper, they are made from actual suede materials. You need to look carefully before purchasing.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, you will now find it easier to choose your next pair of stunning shoes. Keep these points in mind whenever you are shopping for shoes, and there will be no scope for mistakes. So, what are you waiting for now? Go shoe shopping pronto and buy all the pairs you want. After all, there is no such thing as too many shoes, right?


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