Hey Girl! Spruce Up Your Dating Game In 2021- Here’s How?

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Let’s take a minute to understand that the aspects of the dating game change as you grow up. Things get a bit complicated, from asking someone out for your prom night to asking someone out for an actual date.

Honestly, dating has always been a bit tough to navigate. You might be having questions like how to make yourself attractive or what to text back… Well, you are not alone! Many girls feel a bit intimidated about dating and putting themselves out there in the right way. 

But not anymore!

If you are all set to spruce up your dating game in 2021, here’s something that can help you in the long run. 

Build a strong online dating profile

2020 has changed the dynamics of the professional world and added a bit of charm to the dating world. From Zoom meetings to Zoom dates, we certainly have come a long way. In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that one in three couples end up finding their “one and only” with the help of the internet. 

So, if you want to match up with the present scenario, you have to build a strong and authentic online dating profile. Think of it as your dating CV.

For this, you need to select a reliable website and sign up. But that’s not enough; there are some rules in the online dating world. Here are some crucial points you need to take care of while building your online profile.

  • Use REAL or recent pictures and refrain from using any filters.
  • Don’t brag too much about yourself; just be honest with your description.
  • Avoid cliche conversation starters.
  • Check for grammatical errors in your profile. 
  • Keep your profile updated.

Feel good about yourself

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” You might have heard this quote countless times, but the reality is a bit different. People do judge someone by their appearance and style. It actually plays an essential role in making a significant first impression. 

Studies show that you become more and more confident when you feel good about your appearance and overall personality. And to be very honest, confidence does play a crucial role in the dating game. In fact, many people have admitted the fact that they feel attracted to a person who pays heavy attention to look good. 

So, make sure that you dress appropriately for every date, even if it is an online one. Try to experiment with your wardrobe and use different dressing styles for your outfit of the day. Speaking of…

You might be familiar that there are many countries known for their fashion and innovative designs. You can add variety to your wardrobe by adding clothes from different countries and cultures. For instance, NewZealand is known for its modest fashion while France is known for its glamour. 

So, you can try and consider searching for terms like- womens clothes online nz  to find location-specific fashion. Pick the one that makes you look good and is comfortable at the same time. It is always a better option to get your apparels from one of the best and fashionable countries in the world.

Make sure you choose appropriate accessories and shoes to match your outfit. If you don’t want to kill your feet with high heels, you can always match your outfit with stylish shoes. 

Be open to your options

You can find the love of your life basically anywhere. Be it a Zoom meeting, a park, an elevator, or an online dating app like https://leyuan.xyz/. It’s simple math; the more options you keep open, the more chances you have of meeting your special someone. 

Let’s admit that many of us have a checklist when it comes to finding our soulmates. But love and attraction don’t work that way. Once you restrict your area of interest, you end up eliminating some really good options. And with Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown, and everything else, your chances of finding the PERFECT soulmate is a bit less. 

You can find the love of your life basically anywhere. Be it a Zoom meeting, a park, an elevator, or an online dating app. It’s simple math; the more options you keep open, the more chances you have of meeting your special someone. 

For instance, suppose you are an extrovert and are looking for the same qualities in your partner as well. But you might find yourself attracted to an introverted person. 

So, try to explore and keep your options open. That’s exactly how the dating game works.

Stop falling prey to outdated rules

It’s the 21st century, and it is high time everyone should start ditching some outdated dating rules. These rules strip your chance of being with someone you feel attracted to.

You might have heard about the “don’t kiss on the first date” rule. How does that even make sense? There’s a good chance that you might feel connected to someone right on the first date and blow up everything by not ending the date with a romantic goodbye kiss. Who knows, maybe you end up telling about that kiss while reciting your love story to your grandkids. Or you might regret not giving a chance to a relationship that could have turned out into something special. The choice is really yours.

There’s one more rule that takes away your chance of being in a special relationship. And that’s “playing hard to get.” You might not want to accept someone’s proposal and test their patience. Or you might have heard your friends telling you not to make the first move as it could make you look desperate. But why? Playing hard to get can ruin your chance of being with someone who cares about you so much. So, look your best and don’t shy away from making the first move. 

All in all, let’s just ignore and ditch every rule that makes you lose your chance of being with someone special. Instead, try to make your own dating rules based on your compatibility and feelings. Live in the moment, and you won’t regret a day in your life.

Get out before it becomes toxic

Dating is all about having fun and enjoying life. It shouldn’t make you feel bored and painful at the end of the day. Once you start feeling sad or pressured in your relationship, it’s better to end it rather than tolerating things. It may feel a bit harsh at first, but it’s much better than crying yourself to sleep every night. 

The purpose of going on dates is that you get to meet and connect with different people. You talk and open yourself to them. The objective is to find the one that understands you the way you always wanted. Once you feel that you’ve got the one who makes you feel alive and comfortable, that’s it; you’ve got what you were looking for. 

Remember, there’s no harm in taking a break to analyse what you are actually looking for. It’s only going to make things better and more straightforward.

Wrapping Up

The dating game can be fun and intimidating at the same time. You just need an appropriate approach to everything. So use the tips mentioned above and spruce up your dating life in 2021.


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