Get Trendy, Be Bold, Be You with these Activewear Golden Rules

Get Trendy, Be Bold, Be You with these Activewear Golden Rules
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Do you want to feel comfortable all day long when you plan on hitting the gym after the class? Well, something that we’re pretty sure is that you’ll want to keep reading the blog. You might be wondering why to stick with us?

Well, it is athleisure that’s the most trendy right now. It is your savior whether you’re on your route to class, brunching with friends, or running your household errands- activewear is your choicest outfit, and for women of all ages. And, do you know what the best part is that no eyes are going to judge you whether you have made it to your spin class.

New-fangled companies and designers are exploring the athleisure lines, onboarding with recent trends. Spotting Gigi or Kendall on NYC streets is an absolute pleasure. But the ball goes to an altogether new court when you spot a 5’8’’ goddess wearing your favorite Fabletics collection along with her trainer. A sigh of relief, right? Now that you witness the athleisure craze smoothing down a little, we can walk you through some valuable pieces of information. I’m sure you now believe that your yoga pants work wonders with your quick groceries as well as burning those extra calories in the gym. I’m sure you can’t wait to know the golden rules of slaying in style:

Black is Gold:

Black is still the king when it comes to athleisure. You may incline some black color or the intricate prints. The color and fabric print are sure to make your heart sing. Although you may feel that black is mean and slimming, you’ll be happy to know that it will stand the test of time and sweat, of course. You can always style the same with a printed top. Ensure stretching the fabric and being aware of the transparency.

Take note of your kicks:

Odds are less than your outfit can take a hit in case of an old and beaten up pair of sneakers. Try thinking outside of the box if you feel it is not going to work. Follow the new-fangled athleisure trends for working out in the gym to the best levels. Trends like sliders and casual sneakers are gaining immense popularity. Make these a part of your look and work in creating a balance between style and comfort.

Consider your Body Type:

Your favorite Instagram celebrity is pulling the ab goals quite apt, and that seamless sports bra looks great on her. Well, you’ve been wishing to list it and now can’t wait to make that yours. But, wait, it is always a good idea to consider your shape and wear the most comfortable clothes for ensuring better performance. The best thing here is that activewear comes in many options for helping you flatter your body type.

Invest in Neutrals:

Are you tired of those blacks, whites, and grays? Well, considering doubling them as everyday staples. Yes, the cost of some of the pieces like tights and tanks are enough to help you stock the exemplary items up. Not only for the gym, but these are ideal for pre, post, and everything in between workout sessions. All you need is some high rotation and a pinch of versatility.

The coziness and convenience are sure to dwell in tranquility all through the day. Well, the activewear golden rules are sure to make your next purchase much easier.


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