5 Tips To Choosing A Therapeutic Shower

Have you ever stood in the rain and felt its relaxing effect? Well, you can experience the same effect by installing rain shower heads in your bathroom. This way, you can enjoy the therapeutic feeling of rain without soaking your clothes. And unlike rain, you can control the flow of water to determine the size and the intensity of the drops.

Here are a few tips to guide you as you choose your therapeutic shower. 

5 Tips To Choosing A Therapeutic Shower
5 Tips To Choosing A Therapeutic Shower

1. Choose the design you prefer

Therapeutic shower heads come in different designs. You will find rain showerheads and spa-style shower heads.

Rain showerheads are installed directly over the head and thereby provide a rain-like experience. Spa-style shower heads comprise of multi-spray shower heads which are set on the knees, hip, and shoulder to give you a full body water massage. They bring a spa-like feel in your bathroom. 

2.        What is the design of your bathroom?

Do you have a contemporary bathroom or is it old-school? What are its dimensions? No matter what your bathroom style, shower installation can be modified to best suit your needs and budget. For example, if your bathroom is contemporary, you can install a therapeutic shower easily. However, if you have an old school bathroom, you will have to make changes and upgrade it for it to accommodate a therapeutic showerhead.

The layout and the size of the bathroom will also determine the size and type of shower head you should choose. If you have decided on a shower head, but need to completely renovate the bathroom and rip out the old fittings, it would be worth visiting sites alike to skiphire.com to find a cheap waste disposal solution!  

3.        Consider the appropriate shape

The shape of your bathroom will determine the shape of the showerhead you choose. The rain shower heads are round or square. The square shower heads are suitable for contemporary bathrooms since they are square shaped while round shaped shower heads are suitable for circularly shaped bathrooms.

4.        Choose the size

Shower heads vary in sizes and you can find as large as 20 inches or small ones at 6 inches. It is upon you to decide which fits you best, although you should also consider the size of your bathroom. For instance, if your bathroom has a shower enclosure kit, you can get a large shower head. If your bathroom is small, then you will have to make do with a small sized shower head.

Remember that the bigger the showerhead, the more you are likely to experience a better imitation of rain and consequently, more therapeutic effect.

5.        Ease of mounting

If you are planning to install spa-style shower heads, then be prepared to do major renovations to your bathroom. These types of therapeutic shower require a lot of plumbing work to install considering that they are installed in adjacent or opposite walls in vertical rows. In case you are not up to the task, then don’t choose these shower heads.

Alternatively, you can opt for rain showerheads. These will require you to upgrade your plumbing without necessarily making major renovations to the bathroom. However, rain shower heads that are mounted on the ceiling require more complex plumbing than those mounted on the wall.

Therefore, if you don’t want to make extensive upgrades to your plumbing, you can opt for wall-mounted rain showerheads. It’s good to note that they have the same therapeutic effect as the ceiling mounted shower heads.               


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