Asian Beauty Secrets: Benefits of Fermented Skincare Products

Asian Beauty Secrets: Benefits of Fermented Skincare Products

It’s no question that cosmetics and skincare have evolved over the years, what used to only compose of a few selections of creams and serums have grown into an entire industry with billions of annual returns. The collaboration between Western and Eastern parts of the world have created some of the best well-loved cosmetics like SK-II which is an Asian brand that have gotten some of the Western beauty techniques into their skincare line.
Asian Beauty Secrets: Benefits of Fermented Skincare Products

Asian Beauty Secrets: Benefits of Fermented Skincare Products

Specifically, though, among all the Asian beauty secrets available, I want to talk about fermented skincare products. These products are popular but there are a lot of people who are sceptical about its benefits. This particular line of cosmetic products originated from one of the world’s most well-known sources of the best skin care innovations: Korea.
Koreans love their fermented products. The most popular Korean food choices go through the process of fermentation, so I guess it was only a matter of time before they carried over their culinary secrets into their beauty routines. Although this particular technique has been developed since the 1990’s, it hasn’t gotten popularity in the other countries and continents due to scepticism over its actual skincare value; but in the early 2000’s, people have been trying to adapt the Korean skincare methods.
Asian Beauty Secrets: Benefits of Fermented Skincare Products

Asian Beauty Secrets: Benefits of Fermented Skincare Products


Fermentation is not limited to Asia and it’s actually more common than you might think. Some of the common healthy foods that we eat go through some kind of fermentation process and some countries adapt certain fermentations in their culture for flavour and nutrition enhancements. You might be wondering what the benefits of fermented skincare products are and why they are so popular. Here are some of them:

1. Fermented products are less-irritating and more skin-friendly.
The fermentation process reduces the chances of skin irritation as a result of toxic substances in the product. Korean products are known to be light and airy on the face, yet highly effective, and that’s because of the fermentation process that allows the prevention of oxidation. The more anti-oxidants are in your cosmetic products, the less allergen it is bound to have.
Since fermentation is essentially an enhancement to an ingredient’s health and nutritional value, beauty products that go through this process are proven to be safer on the skin.

2. Fermented products help fight your skin’s aging process.
According to nutrition experts, the fermentation process has the ability to produce more amino acids that help in the stimulation of collagen production, which is good for the skin, and it also contains anti-oxidants that help fight against the decay and natural aging process of the skin. If you’re looking for products to help eliminate possible signs of aging like wrinkles and lines on the face, you can opt for fermented skin care products.
The daily use of fermented beauty products could help in the production of good bacteria that will do wonders for your skin in the long run.

3. Fermented beauty products last longer than most cosmetic products.
I always check the label to find out the shelf life of my chosen product. Fermented products also have a longer shelf life than most products since they have already gone through the aging process in the first place. As long as they are stored at room temperature at a dry area, you won’t have to worry about your beauty products expiring or being unfit for use; you also don’t have to worry about the quality on the long-term.
The fermented ingredients on your skincare don’t decrease in their effectiveness over time so you can rest well knowing that the cream you’re using can withstand time.

4. Fermented skin care products are compatible with most skin types.
The health and skin benefits of fermented skin care products are proven and tested by all the users that swear by it. If you have a skin type that’s compatible with these kinds of products then it’s awesome, but some skin types aren’t compatible. Although a lot of beauty experts would suggest fermented products, some skin types might not be susceptible to its healing properties.
It’s always better to do a sample or a test before fully committing to a particular kind of product. Buy the smaller containers first then purchase the larger ones when you’re sure that your skin is compatible with the products.
Fermented skin care should be used in moderation especially if you’re from a tropical country or a place with a warm climate. One of the best things to remember while applying fermented skin care products is that you have to double up on your sunscreen protection. Even though these fermented products are good for your skin, these products are acidic (great for exfoliation!) and they could make your skin more sensitive and prone to heat and sun damage. In that case, sunscreen is your fermented skin care product’s best friend.

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