DIY: Eye Glitter Bottles for 1,27$ each

Hi, Have you seen those glitter test tubes, syringes or eye glitter bottles filled with glitter gorgeousness & costing around 10$ each? Well … I did. Glitter is an amazing and beautiful creation that is a… View Post

Flower French Gel Nail Manicure

Hey 🙂 Today’s tutorial will be on creating this Flower French Gel Nail Manicure: ______________________________________________ BUY THESE PRODUCTS: Flower Leafs French Tip Decals HERE iBi FLAWLESS Gel Polish HERE CND Shellac Base Coat & Top Coat HERE HOPE… View Post

DIY: Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

Hello! 😉 If you can’t find the perfect glittery eyeshadow in the shade you want, you can make your own! This quick DIY: Glitter Eyeshadow Palette Tutorial shows you how to combine cosmetics to make your… View Post

Flower Gel Nail Manicure Tutorial

Hey everyone! Simple and beautiful step by step at home Flower Gel Nail Manicure Tutorial is here! 😉 We will need: CND Shellac Base Coat; CND Shellac Top Coat; CND Shellac Polish ‘Steel Glaze’; CND Shellac… View Post