Signs That Your Dental Crown Is A Perfect Fit

Photo by Vinicius Wiesehofer:
Photo by Vinicius Wiesehofer:

Dental crowns are the best example of restorative procedures as they can transform your smile even after severe damage or injury. You need not worry about a mishap or tooth troubles because a crown can restore the look of your teeth. At the same time, it can make a decayed tooth functional again after root canal therapy. But the efficacy of the treatment depends on how well the crown fits. You cannot expect good results if it fails to replace the original with a perfect fit. Here are the signs indicating you have a great one.

Bite feels right 

A dental crown should essentially feel comfortable and natural, just like any other tooth. Something may be amiss if you experience bite problems after the treatment. You must be vigilant to detect the difference because you may not even feel it at the location of the attachment. In fact, the bite problem may affect the opposite side of your mouth. However, you should not check with your dentist right away. Give yourself a couple of days to wait for the bite to settle in. Visit the specialist if it does not feel comfortable. 

Food does not get stuck

A clean crown after the meals indicates a perfect fit with no space around it. You must be careful about ensuring it because food getting stuck in the area can feed oral bacteria and cause decay in the neighboring teeth. Moreover, it elevates the risk of gum disease. The crown should feel tight and secure in its place during brushing and flossing. Pay attention and seek help if you notice a problem.

No pressure on neighbouring teeth

If there is no pressure in neighboring teeth, rest assured that your dental crown is in the perfect place. Seek treatment from a clinic where dental crowns are customer-made because you will not have to worry about the shape and size of the attachment. The specialist measures your teeth accurately and ensures that the attachment is very close to your neighbouring teeth. At the same time, they make sure there is no crowding into the space.

Effortless chewing

Effortless chewing is another indication of a perfectly-fitted dental crown. You may need some time to chew naturally and normally, but it should happen once your bite settles. Conversely, your teeth have to work harder or chew more if there are fitting issues. It occurs when the crown is not even, and the other teeth compensate by working harder.

Healthy gums

A well-fitted dental crown keeps your gums healthy in addition to restoring your beauty and chewing comfort. Check for signs of healthy gums, and watch out for issues like red, bleeding, or potentially receding gums. Overlooking them is the last thing you should do because the condition can lead to gum infections down the line. You must get help sooner than later with rework on your crown. 

A perfect fit is essential for proper dental crown treatment. You must look for a dentist who excels in the procedure and ensures the best results. 


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