Redefining Your Face – 3 Procedures That Are Highly Suitable For Everyone

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There are a few awesome procedures that can help you redefine your face very easily. And no, these are not the run-of-the-mill facial exercises that you find on YouTube. These are very minimally invasive yet highly effective cosmetic/plastic surgery procedures that you may have heard of before but never thought of trying out on yourself. Let’s discuss what they are: 


You could be a candidate for a traditional facelift in many cases. A traditional facelift is not like a feather lift or a thread lift because it does not use barbed threads to hold the skin in place. A traditional facelift involves the tightening of your skin and removal of the excess and saggy fatty tissue that makes you look older than your actual age. It is a very common procedure and offers the most realistic results in the long run. It can give you your youth back in a matter of a few days. A traditional facelift is a great way to start looking young without any side effects or complications. Your doctor will advise you to follow a healthy diet and a positive and active lifestyle if you want to maintain this youthful new appearance for many years. You can go for this procedure if you have:

  • Early signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Deep laugh lines and crow’s feet 
  • Nasolabial folds 
  • Sagging and extra skin 
  • Little to no elasticity in your skin 
  • Excessive Sun damage

Mini Facelift And Botox

Really? Is there a thing called a mini facelift? Yes, there is. Apart from the fantastic treatment of Botox by Dr. Nik Rana, another thing that his clinic is known for is a mini facelift. When combined with a few injections of dermal fillers such as Botox, this facelift can do wonders for your face and personality. It is one of the most amazing accomplishments in the discipline of plastic surgery that you will ever come across. You can get a fresh and rejuvenated appearance very quickly. It is ideal for you if you cannot afford a long downtime. 

Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is one of the most remarkable procedures that can redefine your face like no other surgical treatment. It gives your jawline a more prominent appearance. It makes your cheeks appear tauter. A chin augmentation when done right can also make you look a lot sharper than you already are. You can be an ideal candidate if you are looking for a more defined jawline and a sharper neckline. It also gives your facial features a more symmetrical appearance. If you have had any injuries, imbalances, or deformations during your puberty or teenage, this can correct those shortcomings very easily. 


The New Year could be all about a new you. All you have to do is look into a few procedures that can help you reinstate your beauty and come out as a new person. It is time to invest a little more into your face and give it all the love and attention it deserves. 



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