Is It a Good Time to Have My Roof Repaired?

Image by Eduardo du from Pixabay
Image by Eduardo du from Pixabay

If your roof is in poor shape, your home is likely to experience one or more problems from elements associated with the outside environment such as debris, rain, hail, snow, and ice. Leaks, mold, mildew, debris, and unsteady temperatures can be a daily fare, consequently serving the occupants of a home with agonizing experiences and serious health issues. In addition, a poor roof can often lead to rodent and pest invasions. You can seek help for pests at or similar in your area who can offer inspection of your property and set up a pest control program. Being one of the most prominent features detailing a house, a well-maintained roof that adds a great curb appeal to a home can translate into higher home value. Find a roofer in Thornton, CO to have your roof properly inspected and maintained to help protect your home. A roof that is in top shape provides good insulation and ventilation mechanisms, translated into steady indoor temperatures that amount to energy efficiency. 

Notably, renovating your roof is one of the most cost-effective ways to address the problems currently being faced but also extending the life of an old roof until it is time to make an overhaul. 

Factors to consider in determining whether your roof needs repair

  • The roof’s age: Asphalt shinglings, which are the most popular options for residential roofing, have a lifespan of between 15 to 30 years. According to St Louis Roofing Company if your roof is yet to hit the 20 years mark and a significant portion of it is in good shape, then renovating a damaged section is more sensible and economical. 
  • Presence of leaks: Often, roofs leaks around the chimney, pipings, or along flashing points. Under such circumstances, an inspection is recommended to determine the widespread of the leaks followed by a quick repair to solve the damages. However, it is recommended that a roof leaking in several places be replaced. 
  • The duration which you intend to be in the home: If you plan to occupy a property for a few years before offsetting it, and the roof is in a good state, it is more economical to have the roof renovated if any minor damages arise. 
  • Costs associated with the roof repair: Sometimes, there are hidden costs associated with replacing a roof such as gutter replacement or renovation of a damaged landscape. Repairs are recommended if they will offset such costs over the long-term.  

What is the best time of the year to replace my roof?

Winter is not the best time to carry out roof renovations because snow, ice, and sleek weather makes it difficult to have any work done, especially if the property is a commercial one. Unless it is an emergency situation, repairing a roof during winter is an expensive venture. During spring or summer, the weather is typically favorable to carry out roof works. Early spring and summer are usually the most cost-effective times to carry out roof repairs as it is the slowest time for roofing companies and the cost of labor tends to be lowest. 

In late summer, temperatures and humidity levels are likely to soar, limiting time spent by workers on the job, hence adding to the overall cost of labor. Autumn is the most ideal season for carrying out roof renovations. The weather is not usually unbearably hot or humid, and torrential rains are absent, thus giving workers the entire day to work without freezing from cold or exhaustion from heat.   


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