Positives for adding face serums to your skincare regime!

Positives for adding face serums to your skincare regime

Positives for adding face serums to your skincare regime!

We all have heard family and friends speak about how to keep our skin glowing and radiant for life – stop going to bed with makeup on, use a sunscreen before leaving the house, and always apply a moisturiser to keep it soft. However, there is one new thing that has been added to this skincare list nowadays. It is the serum! People now are talking about the benefits of serums and recommending the same to each other.

What benefits does the face serum add to the skincare regime? The answer is explained below:


  • Active Ingredients:

Serums have ingredients that have the most benefits and can easily be obtained from the market without a prescription of the doctor, these face serum ingredients are more beneficial than moisturisers and cleansers as they have active ingredients up to 5 – 10%. This is a guarantee that you will get the results you are looking for – reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, spots, and dullness.

  • Fewer Breakouts:

If you have an acne prone skin, then serums are like good news for you. Most moisturizers leave a thick layer over the surface and affect the skin adversely. However, the face serums contain water as one of the ingredients instead of oil as the base ingredient which ingests in the skin faster and rejuvenates the skin nicely.

  • Less Oily Texture:

The skin gets oily after a few hours? We’ve all been there! Even after applying the best moisturiser, as soon as we go out in the sun,  the face gets oily and the dirt starts to stick on the face. Nothing works well on the skin and the oily texture makes it difficult to handle the natural beauty with confidence. We live in a fallacy that moisturizer kills those oily pores, however,  in return, they excrete more oil and make the face greasy.

If this is what you face on a daily basis too, then serum is the best savior for you! It is lighter on the skin and ingests into the skin faster as compared to moisturizer. Serums maintain the water content in your skin and keep it moisturized and hydrated by keeping the oil away from the face. The more hydrated your skin is the more serum it will produce and eventually the less oily the texture will be.

  • Nothing Artificial:

We all know what cheap ingredients do to our face especially if we have acne-prone skin or a sensitive skin texture. The serums are especially made with ingredients that go beyond the outer layer and treat the skin within. The vitamins and minerals heal the skin and let you look fresh and spotless wherever you go.

  • Money Saver:

Serums are expensive, however, it is an investment in a product that actually works. Imagine yourself investing in various products that actually deliver no results to you. Buying multiple cheap products over an expensive serum which does give end result is not a smart purchase. Think it over!



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