Update Your Style with Wardrobe Bingo

Update Your Style with Wardrobe Bingo


Hello guys, today I will start my post with a question:

Do you ever feel tired of seeing the same old clothes in your closet?

Any woman who answers no to that question is most likely lying. If you ever wonder where our shopping habits stem from, they usually start with one look at our wardrobes, comparing them to the clothes we see on runways and on celebrities, feeding into our obsession with retail therapy. OnePoll revealed in a brief survey of 2,000 women that they spend around 100 hours on 30 trips of clothes shopping and 50 hours on window shopping alone in a year. It’s been ingrained in our minds that we don’t have enough in our closet, when that is quite far from the truth.

In fact, our problem is that we haven’t done enough mixing and matching of what we already own to come up with new outfits. We’re blind to what’s already in front of us, and so in order for you to give new life into your fashion sense without spending thousands of dollars on a completely new wardrobe, try playing some Wardrobe Bingo.

A few years back, Boohoo.com came up with a fantastic idea of using the game of bingo to generate new outfits from your current closet, giving people across various industries to connect with fellow fashionistas through this lottery-style game. For last year’s Spring/Summer Fashion Week, Elle created Fashion Week Bingo that featured items like “Cara’s funny face” and “bottled H20,” while bingo operators used their services as a platform to share style tips. John Scott, a fashion expert from This Morning, had previously been web-streamed via Gala Bingo, a prominent bingo and slots provider in the UK, to supply women with fashion news and advice. From here, it’s pretty clear that bingo could be a solution to our fashion related queries.

The rules of Wardrobe Bingo are simple. All you have to do is make your card with four rows and five columns. The rows represent your tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories. Select five items per category and place pictures of each accordingly on your card, labeling each item per category from 1-5. Once the card is complete, roll a die four times to put together your outfit. If you roll a 6, you can either roll again or use it as a free choice.

To make the game more exciting, play Wardrobe Bingo with friends and take photos of your results.



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