Intimate Hygiene Rules Every Woman Must Follow

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Intimate hygiene is crucial for women of all ages. It reduces the risks of reproductive health issues for young women. But even post-menopausal ones should stay regular with it. It is easy to consider intimate and regular hygiene the same, but they aren’t. You need to go the extra mile to clean and maintain your private parts. The subject may make you uncomfortable, but gynaecologists suggest getting your facts right so that you make no mistakes. Here are the basic intimate hygiene rules every woman must follow.

Use good-quality intimate wash

Washing is the mainstay of hygiene, but remember that the skin in your private parts requires extra care. Washing with ordinary soaps can disrupt the pH levels, causing problems such as odor, itching, and add infections. Use high-quality, hypoallergenic intimate wash for cleaning the area. It retains the pH balance and cleanses the parts thoroughly. Wash at least once a day or twice during your period.

Keep your undergarments dry

Besides regular washing, keeping your undergarments dry is important. You must wipe the area after urination to keep the skin and clothing dry. But remember to use a soft tissue for wiping and avoid scrubbing too much. The last thing you want is itching and inflammation in the sensitive area because the skin here is delicate. You may change your undergarment a couple of times during the day.

Double up on moisturizing

Besides keeping your intimate area clean and dry, moisturize it regularly to keep it soft and irritation-free. Vaginal dryness can be troublesome, so make sure you avoid it in the first place. But use a specialised vulvar moisturizer instead of any other product you use for body moisturising. Look for one made with hormones because you need a special formation for the skin of this area. Apply it only externally and follow directions carefully.

Be extra conscious about menstrual hygiene

When it comes to intimate hygiene, you must be extra conscious during your period. It is the time when you are vulnerable to infections. Make sure you change your sanitary pads after every few hours. Tampons are popular, but they aren’t great for health. Ditch them completely if possible. At least, avoid wearing a tampon overnight or when you have a vaginal infection. It can multiply the bacteria within and aggravate the infection further.

Wear the right undergarments

Intimate hygiene is also about choosing the right material for your undergarments. You may want to wear lace and lycra, but these synthetic materials block air circulation. The humidity levels in the private area can increase, giving harmful bacteria a favorable environment to thrive. Switch to soft cotton panties for regular use. Avoid wearing tight jeans and bottoms so that your skin can breathe. 

Intimate hygiene should be a priority for every woman because it can affect her reproductive health and even overall well-being. Fortunately, you need not do much to achieve it. Just pick the right products and follow some rules to keep the area clean and dry at all times. 


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