My Everyday Makeup Favourites


My Everyday Makeup Favourites 

I don’t usually stick to the same makeup look but recently I noticed that I am reaching over a particular group of products almost everyday. I trust them, I know that they will stay all day on my face and that is what’s important to me. I cannot imagine my makeup routine without at least one of them. 

I highly recommend every single product mentioned here. I promise you that you will love them as much as I do. Here is the list of my faves and direct links on where you can buy these babies:

1.Good Morning: Honey Silk Facial Serum. This stuff literally smells like heaven in a bottle 🙂 This product is a  light and luxurious moisturizing serum and under makeup primer. It replenishes and protects the skin to improve tone for elegantly glowing skin. 


My Everyday Makeup Favourites

2.L’oreal Youth Code™ BB Cream Illuminator. This BB cream is for very dry skin, it gives a nice coverage and blends easily. It is so perfect for hot days too… It is so light and doesn’t feel cakey. Unfortunately it is discontinued, but I managed to find one more bottle at my local drugstore. L’oreal at their website claim that their new Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream is an alternative for this product. Once I’ll finish my fave, I will have to try out Magic Skin Beautifier. Hope it will be as amazing as this product.

3.MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer. I did a whole separate post about this concealer. It is AMAZING. Read why I love it so much HERE.

4.INGLOT Eyeliner Gel in 77. Do you want an eyeliner that will stay all day on your eyes and won’t smudge AT ALL??? I thought so. You have to let in this product into your life. No matter how thick or thin your wing will be, it will stay in place and won’t move anywhere. I do my wing at 8AM and take it off in perfect condition at 19PM. Nothing more needs to be said… The perfect brush for this eyeliner gel is ZOEVA 317/Wing liner.

5.L’oreal False Lashes Superstar Red Carpet Black Mascara. I have gone through three of these mascaras and I’m not planning on stopping using them. EVER. I go from having “meehh” lashes to long, thick, black and beautiful lashes.

6.  LASPLASH Lip Couture Liquid Lipstick in “Rose Garden”. Another favourite matte lipstick that will stay at least two hours and won’t smudge. If you’re not eating, it stays even more.

7. HUGO BOSS Jour Eau de Parfum. Not a makeup favourite, but love it nonetheless. My current favourite perfume. I adore mixed white flowers and citrus smell… If you like a luxurious, fresh smell, then you’ll love this one.



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